2015: Shabbos Project CLE: What have we been up to?

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Shabbos Project CLE: What We’ve Been Up To By Alex Fleksher, Chair, Shabbos Project Cleveland Like so many others, I watched the Shabbos Project 2014 Youtube video with tears in my eyes and chills up my spine. It documented the story of the first Shabbos Project in South Africa in 2013. I was awed at […]


What does Shabbos mean to me?

“I spent five years working in Times Square, and believe me, it’s dizzying. Everything is screaming at you from all sides for your attention,” says Project Inspire’s director of programming Rabbi Yaakov Giniger, who came up with a plan to break through the clutter. The idea: the world’s biggest challah. Giniger put up a billboard […]


What does Shabbos mean to me?

Baltimore was among the most active Shabbat Project cities in the US. An estimated 30,000 people were involved in the initiative, which was co-ordinated by a team of 1 000 volunteers who worked tirelessly for nine months. Festivities kicked off on the Wednesday before the Shabbat, with a “Magic of Shabbat” event that included a […]