The Disconnected Connection

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The Disconnected Connection By Moshe Ornstein “But Dr. Moshe, it must be so boring to go a whole 25 hours without driving, using your phone, or responding to email! Don’t you feel so disconnected?” In my world – as a doctor who treats cancer patients – this concept is unfathomable. My patients’ records are on […]

Not What I Expected


Not What I Expected By Rivki Silver It was supposed to be a Shabbaton, a communal meal, where I could blend in and be unobtrusive. That’s what it said on the website. But when I called to make a reservation, the rabbi told me, “Actually, the website is wrong! But you can come to us […]


What does Shabbos mean to me?

Much of the focus in Melbourne was on getting the city’s youth involved. A sea of kids – 1 500 of them – showed up at a Children’s Challah Bake at the Chadstone Mall, which included cooking demos led by Australia MasterChef, Alice in Frames. Held on the centre’s busiest shopping day, guests commented on […]

Making Challah


Making Challah By Yiskah Fantl The mitzvah of challah is actually the separation of a smaller piece of dough from the dough. God spoke to Moshe saying, “And it will be when you eat of the bread of the land, you should bring an offering to G-d. The first of your kneading bowl you shall […]

Los Angeles

What does Shabbos mean to me?

In 2015, Los Angeles hosted a variety of events, the most notable of which was a Friday night dinner for 3 000 people billed as one of the biggest in history. Proceedings kicked off on Thursday evening, with thousands gathering at various southern California venues to prepare challah. This included more than 1,100 women at […]


What does Shabbos mean to me?

The Great (Indoor) Challah Bake Johannesburg, South Africa Doubly protected from the elements by a thick concrete ceiling and almost 2 000 multicoloured umbrellas suspended by kilometres of cable, the rooftop parking lot of Norwood Mall served as the venue for 2015’s Challah Bake and Havdallah Concert. Said Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein at the […]